Travelers Essentials

Before heading out on a holiday to Thailand, it’s best to read some of these travelers’ essentials.  Information on getting a Thailand visa is just one of many important topics covered in this Thailand travel guide: Travelers Essentials.  Learn about Thailand customs or how to travel around Thailand by selecting a category from the following.

Passport & Visas

For citizens of most nations, obtaining a Thailand visa is easy: all you need is a valid passport and to follow some simple guidelines.

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Utilities & Services

Information about Thailand’s electricity, drinking water, fuel, and system of measurement.

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Tourist Info Centers

There are numerous Tourist Information Centers throughout the kingdom that provide maps, brochures, hotel recommendations, and other advice to travelers in nearly all Thailand tourist destinations.

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When you travel Thailand there are a number of ways to get into and around the kingdom.

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Time Zone & Holiday

Thailand does not observe daylight savings and the time in Thailand is +7 GMT throughout the year; Thailand has many public holidays also listed on this page.

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Health & Safety

In regards to safety and health in Thailand, Thailand is a relatively safe country from crime and disease.

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Money Matters

Information about Thailand currency, including how to exchange Thai baht, report lost credit cards, apply for VAT refund, and bargain while shopping.

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Dos & Don’ts

When traveling to a new country it’s helpful to be aware of cultural differences.  These “dos & donts” for Thailand will make your trip more culturally rewarding.

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Customs & Immigration

It is important for visitors to learn about Thailand’s customs and immigration policies, including quarantines and VAT refunds.

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Opening Hours

While fairly standard operating hours exist at a Thai bank, Thai Post Office, and Thai shopping mall, other services catering to foreigners have longer operating hours in tourist destinations.

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Facilities for Disabled Travelers

In Thailand in can be a challenge to travel with disabilities, though new facilities are being built and Thai people are eager to help physically challenged travelers.

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