Thank you, Italian Festival, for the epiphanic experience

By Lekha Shankar.

It’s not everyday that an ‘out of the box’ performer excites an entire ‘box’ of 600+ people – totally diverse nationalities, tastes,ages- and has them roaring for more!


t happened today, at the Aksara Theatre, where the famously maverick Italian
singer,poet,writer,lyricist VINCIO CAPOSSELA and his Trio,set the stage and the audience, totally on fire.

It was yet another unique and outstanding program of this year’s ITALIAN FESTIVAL,which on the 150th Anniversary of Thai-Italian Relations, seems to be breaking barriers and exploding limits!

How else can one explain a trance-like singer, with eyes closed,
swaying body, reciting poetry, belting out songs,stomping on the Western piano, Indian harmonium, and driving his huge and varied foreign audiences into a crazy tizzy?

The famed Italian singer was accompanied by two not-so-young, but oh-so-amazing musicians, who improvised marvellously to his stunning repertoire that seemed to encompass sensory music from around the globe.

Or, should I, with Shakespearean fervour, call it the ‘ Music of the Spheres’?

It was not a coincidence that the artiste called his group the
‘Holy Trinity’!

Thank you, Italian Festival, for the epiphanic experience.

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