PM partaking in EMDCD during BRICS Summit in China

The Thai Prime Minister has traveled to China for a meeting with leaders of emerging markets and developing countries as part of the 9th BRICS Summit.

Accompanied by his wife and relevant Cabinet members, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha this morning departed for Xiamen, People’s Republic of China, where he will be attending the Emerging Markets and Developing Countries Dialogue (EMDCD) scheduled for tomorrow, September 5. The EMDCD is being held under the theme “Strengthening Mutually-Beneficial Cooperation for Common Development”.

China, as host of the 9th BRICS Summit, has invited five emerging markets and developing countries with high potential and a strong friendship with China to participate in the EMDCD. They consist of Mexico, Egypt, Tajikistan, Guinea and Thailand, which is the only country from Southeast Asia.

During his participation, the Thai Prime Minister is set to present Thailand’s vision and its role as a representative of developing countries. He will also use this opportunity to introduce the international community to the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy as an approach to achieving sustainable development. On the sidelines of the EMDCD, Gen Prayut will get to hold bilateral meetings with BRICS leaders as well as leaders of other guest countries.

BRICS is made up of five countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which are all considered leading economies. The grouping accounts for up to 27 percent of the global economy and 42 percent of the world population.

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