FREE SCREENING, SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER, 3 PM ‘Unutursam Fisilda’ (Before I forget), TURKEY




1 Hr 58 Mins

Directed by Cagan Irmak

Kind Courtesy: The Embassy of Turkey




Our second movie in September is a love-story from Turkey, made by well-known   film-maker Cagan Irmak, which centres around the meteoric rise of a beautiful singer. The film is fraught with emotion and feeling, that have moved all the audiences who have seen it. The marvellous songs won over the audiences too, and became ‘hits’ in Turkey.

The film has two parts, that weave their way in and out of each other. The first part deals with the young student Hatice in a small town, who has a passion for singing and is inspired to pursue it when she meets the dashing Tarik. Not known to her, her serious-minded sister Hanife, is also attracted to him. Hatice and Tarik run away to Istanbul to pursue their singing dreams with his friend Erhan, and soon, she (with the new name of Ayperi) climbs the highest pinnacles of success. But it brings both highs and lows.

The second part of the films deals with Ayperi returning to her family-home, when she is old and retired. She is having Alzheimer-like memory lapses, cannot continue with her singing career, and comes home to rest and recuperate. Her sister Hanife is furious, bitter, unwelcoming. Thanks to her weak mind, Ayperi is not rattled.
As the sisters ruminate over the past, they slowly come to a greater understanding of each other. The final scene is a memorable one, as Ayperi decides to make a last appearance on stage, to a sell-out crowd. An amazingly poignant self-discovery follows, for both the sisters.

The film, which deals with different aspects of love, is an emotional roller-coaster. The characters have been masterfully delineated by a top director, and are played out by a well-known cast. The younger and older versions of the two sisters are a treat to watch. That’s why the film has won over audiences both on the festival-circuit and the box office.



What the Critics said:

theMagger : The admirable acting transforms the roles into an irresistible success feast.

Eksi Sinema: A film about the packaging of music, and about pop culture.



The film-event is supported by the Embassy of Turkey, who will serve snacks and drinks after the screening.


Ambassador HE Ms Evren Dagdalen Akgun will introduce the movie.



The Movie Screening will be at Room 201 (Second Floor) of River City Bangkok.


For Reservations: /

Tel. 022370077-8 ext. 622, 701 

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