Department of Internal Trade Launches Organic & Natural Expo 2017 to Showcase Thai Organic Entrepreneurs’ Potential to Shine in Global Market

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The Ministry of Commerce, via the Department of Internal Trade, today officially opens the Organic & Natural Expo 2017 (ONE 2017). This event brings together nearly 250 Thai organic manufacturers and entrepreneurs to highlight Thailand’s potential to become ASEAN’s manufacturing and trading hub for organic products. Held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the expo will run till July 30.


The Ministry of Commerce, via the Department of Internal Trade, organizes a grand opening ceremony for the Organic & Natural Expo 2017 or ONE 2017. At this event are 248 manufacturers and entrepreneurs that have been certified based on national or international standards on organic farming/natural products. This expo, therefore, serves as a key forum to showcase Thailand’s potential to become the organic manufacturing and trading hub of the ASEAN region. Embracing the “ASEAN : Home of Organic” theme, the Organic & Natural Expo 2017 brings Thailand-based organic fairs to a new level and presents Thailand as a base for international organic fairs. This expo is held from 27 to 30 July 2017 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.


Mrs. Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, Director General of the Department of Internal Trade, the Ministry of Commerce, says, “The Organic & Natural Expo 2017 is the biggest organic and natural fair in not just Thailand but also the ASEAN region. Featuring the greatest range of Thai organic products, it is really the biggest organic market. The Organic & Natural Expo is held just once a year especially for organic manufacturers and consumers, particularly the health-conscious people who know about organic benefits. The Organic & Natural Expo 2017 also contributes to the establishment of the ASEAN Organic Federation. The Ministry of Commerce has already invited organic entrepreneurs from other ASEAN nations to attend the federation’s meeting, which is co-organized by the Thai Organic Trade Association and the ministry’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office, during the expo. They are also invited to attend Business-Matching sessions with Thai entrepreneurs and exhibition of products at the Organic ASEAN Pavilion”.


The Organic & Natural Expo 2017 features 353 exhibition booths covering all organic products from rice, to fruits, to vegetables, to food and beverages, and to non-food items such as textiles, cosmetics, skincare products and organic services for restaurants, health shops, and spas. There are five exhibition zones: 1) International Certified Zone; 2) National Certified Zone; 3) Natural Zone; 4) Green Products/Services Zone; and 5) Organic Food Zone.


Mrs. Nantawan says, “This year, there are many interesting organic innovations at the expo. Among them are betel-nut-husk products, eco-friendly tapioca-made packaging, organic cosmetics, a great range of organic rice, and rice products. The expo, in addition, include various interesting activities such as the organic Symposium2017, organic-food cooking demonstrations by famous chefs or restaurants, special interviews with celebrities about their healthcare tips, and occupational workshops”.


The Organic Symposium 2017 will be held on July 28 between 8am and 4.30pm, with Commerce Minister Mrs. Apiradi Tantraporn scheduled to deliver the first lecture under the topic of “Thailand’s Strategy for Organic Products and its Direction”. The next speaker will be Mr.Markus Reetz, Executive Director of NurnbergMesse GmbH who will discuss “Opportunities for ASEAN’s Organic Products in the World Market”. The Panel Discussion on “Strengthening ASEAN’s Organic Products” will follow. Mr.Vitoon Panyakul, Board of Director of the Thai Organic Trade Association, and various experts from ASEAN organic organizations will join the stage as panelists. In the afternoon, more panel discussions will take place addressing topics of traders’, entrepreneurs’ and consumers’ interest such as “Reaching International Organic Standard”, “Opportunities for ASEAN’s Organic Products : Stories from Actual Experience”, and “Improving Health Through Food, Not Medicine”.


On the world’s organic market, Mrs.Nantawan says, “Today, people have paid more attention to their health as consumers’ awareness of dangers from leftover chemicals grow. Organic products therefore have caught on among an increasing number of people. Just as organic products have become a global trend, it is estimated that the world’s organic market will be worth up to USD80 billion or Bt2.95 trillion in the future growing by the average rate of 20 per cent a year”.


“Major markets for organic products are: 1) United States and Canada, which have the market value of about USD40 billion; 2) Europe that has the market value of around USD20-30 billion; 3) Other markets including Asia, China, and Australia, which together are valued at more than USD8 billion. In the ASEAN regions, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are key markets. The Thai organic market is worth about Bt2.73 billion. Thai organic exports, valued at about Bt1billion, enjoy the annual growth rate of approximately 10 per cent,” she continues.


“The world has now had 318 million rai of organic farms. On average, organic-farm size in the world has risen by 2 per cent every year. In Thailand, organic farms cover about 300,000 rai of land. The number accounts for two per cent of Thailand’s total farm area. In ASEAN’s region, Thailand’s organic farm area is the fourth biggest. Organic farmland in Thailand, moreover, has an opportunity to grow by up to 99.8 per cent. Given that Thailand is the quality food hub, with Thai food up to good standard and enjoying global demand, Thailand has great advantages. When coupled with its strategic location and good transportation system, Thailand has really had a high chance of becoming the ASEAN’s organic-farming leader. The advantages that Thailand has will allow Thai organic products to differentiate themselves from others in terms of quality, to expand their customer base, and to acquire added value for exports,” she adds.


“To establish Thailand as the ASEAN’s leader of organic manufacturing, trading and consumption, the Department of Internal Trade has drawn up the Organic Market Development Strategy 2017 – 2021. The strategy has four core parts: 1) Raising awareness of everyone in the chain supply that organic food is good to both health and environment; 2) Raising the standards of organic farming and their certification to boost consumers’ confidence in organic products; 3) Developing and expanding the market for organic products/services by increasing marketing channels based on the principle that the bigger the market, the higher the production capacity. As organic farms expand, production cost will then get lower. When organic products then become cheaper, more people will consume them; and 4) Adding value to organic products/services by means of processing and innovations. For example, organic rice can be developed into dietary supplements or cosmetics. Through such process, their value can jump by hundreds of times,” Mrs. Nantawan concludes.




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