Third Film, of River City Bangkok’s SEPTEMBER Film Series- ‘ Bend it like Beckham’, UK, Saturday 16 Sept, 3 pm

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1 Hr 52 Mins

Directed by Gurinder Chadha

Kind Courtesy: Bend it Networks



This delightful movie about football connecting two diverse communities and countries, is the rare example of a comedy-film winning awards, critical acclaim,as well as box-office success around the world. It is indeed, the best example of a family-entertainer that is suitable for all ages.

Credit goes to OBE British-Indian film maker Gurinder Chadha, for culling out a multi-level film that deals with sport, society, culture, in a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining manner.

The story centres around a traditional Sikh family in UK, who are happily planning the wedding of their first daughter Pinky. They are shocked when their second daughter Jess has a passion for a ‘male’ game like football.

Jess meets an English female football player Jules, joins her league team, under the training of a young coach Joe.  Jules and Jess are both attracted to Joe, which almost disrupts their friendship. But then, their team reaches the finals of the league tournament. However, this also happens to be Pinky’s wedding day!

It’s traumatic for Jess, especially as she always dreamt of ‘bending’ the bell and hitting a goal across the defenders, like her all-time football hero, David Beckham. In a way the title refers to ‘bending’ the rules of Life. Can she get out of her Indian finery,don sports-attire , and partake in this all-important match?

The exciting ending keeps the audience on edge. The icing on the cake, is when one gets a glimpse of the great David Beckham himself, in the very last scene of the film.

The surprise elements in the film are seeing Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who are big Hollywood stars today, in one of their earliest films. Archana Punjabi, who plays Pinky, and Anupam Kher, who plays the Indian father, are well-known stars too. As for Parminder Nagra, who plays the lead, she is a TV and stage-star from Leicester, who made it big with this movie.

The film won an award at a top festival like Locarno, as also a London Film Critics Award and a Writers Guild of America Award. In addition, it won the Best British Comedy Award, followed by Audience Awards in festivals at countries as diverse as US, Morocco, Australia, Norway. It was also the first Western-made film to be broadcast on television in North Korea!




What the Critics Said:


TIME:  The acting is as nimble as the footwork.

BBCi : Gurinder Chadha turns this British-Asian film about a clash between traditional values and the modern world into a fantastic feel-good movie. Purely enjoyable- it is just about perfect as a teenage coming-out comedy.


The film  is supported by CHANG BEVERAGES, who will serve their refreshing drinks, after the screening of  a unique, East-West movie that celebrates Sport.



The Movie Screening will be at Room 201 (Second Floor) of River City Bangkok.


For Reservations: /

Tel. 022370077-8 ext. 622, 701 

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