Mahidol professor wins 2017 Outstanding Scientist award

A Mahidol astrophysicist has won the 2017 Outstanding Scientist award from the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Technology under Royal Patronage.

The foundation recently recognized Dr. David Ruffolo, a professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science at Mahidol University, with this year’s Outstanding Scientist award for his exemplary work.

The professor excels in the field of global radiation and cosmic rays, which are high-energy particles created by solar storms in space. Dr. Ruffolo developed a computer program that simulates cosmic activity and predicts the effects of a solar storm on the Earth. The software has received international recognition and is considered his crowning achievement.

According to the Thailand 4.0 agenda, economic reform relies on accomplished scientists, innovations, and scientific research and development, especially in the fields of energy, environment, premium grade materials, digital technology and biotechnology.

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