Commerce Ministry making plans for fruit supplies

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The Minister of Commerce has ordered that the fruit markets both domestic and foreign be connected and for a production survey to be launched to inform market plans for next year.

Commerce Minister Apiradee Tantraporn has ordered that provincial commerce offices survey production of fruits in their areas so that plans to spur consumption can be drafted. She also instructed provincial markets be connected with exporters so that a network can be established extending to foreign outlets. The networks are to aid farmers by providing them with a wide range of sales channels.

The plans are in anticipation of high output from fruit farms that will begin in the central region in May and June next year, with the south to follow from July to August and the north from November to December.

On pineapple, the minister explained that the fruit does not have a specific season so high supply year-round can be detrimental to the product’s price. She said the survey of output will help in planning proper marketing.

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