Dental Council holds press conference touting safety of x-ray machines

The Dental Council has affirmed that x-ray machines used in oral hygiene are very safe and should be exempted from the Nuclear Energy for Peace Act’s control regulations.

Chairman of the Dental Council Dr. Paisarn Kangwonkij has led a press conference detailing the safety of x-ray equipment used in dental work. At the conference, he asserted that both the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Office of Atoms for Peace are aware that each x-ray of a patient only exposes them to 0.001 millisievert of radiation for no more than 2 hours. The amount of radiation is equivalent to human exposure in nature. He also highlighted that medical technicians are highly skilled in the use of x-rays.

The press conference proceeded to urge the Ministry of Public Health to issue an official rule that exempts dental x-ray machines from controls imposed by the Nuclear Energy for Peace Act of 2016 and turn over control back to the Department of Medical Science under the Ministry of Public Health.

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