Soldiers set up bailey bridge to facilitate mourners traveling to Sanam Luang

Soldiers from the 9th Engineering Battalion have set up a second Bailey M2 Bridge to facilitate citizens traveling to mourn His Majesty the late King Bhumipol Adulyadej.

Over 76 officers from the 9th Engineering Battalion spent 5 hours setting up a Bailey M2 Bridge next to Chang Rong Si Bridge behind the Ministry of Defense in Bangkok. The bridge is the second after one was placed in front of Rattanakosin Hotel.

The 5 meter long, 2 meter wide bridges were placed to allow more citizens to travel to Sanam Luang to take part in mourning for the nation’s late monarch. The second bridge was set up as Chang Rong Si Bridge also accommodates vehicles, posing danger to pedestrians. The Royal Thai Army is evaluating whether more such bridges are needed to handle the massive number of mourners traveling to and from Sanam Luang.

A Bailey Bridge is a portable, pre-fabricated bridge developed by Britain during World War II for fast installation. They are notable sturdy and can accommodate people as well as vehicles if needed.

The government has reminded that citizens should use free shuttle services being provided throughout Bangkok to reach Sanam Luang due to heavy traffic congestion in the area and a lack of parking spaces.


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