A CEO with a passion for the arts

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JOPTOPGUN.com is a co-sponsor of upcoming International Festival of Music and Dance ( 8 September-19 October)

“Art does improve the quality of one’s life.”

Lekha Shankar

An advertising/recruitment agency contributing to the sponsorship of the biggest cultural festival in the country?

“We are too small a company to gain anything from this mega festival, but if we made a contribution towards the sponsorship, it is only because we wanted to ‘share’ our passion for the arts, especially music” said Vichien Shnatepaporn, the founder-CEO of JOPTOGUN.com, referring to his company’s involvement with Bangkok’s forthcoming International Festival of Music and Dance (8 September- 19 October)
Last year, the company sponsored the Chinese opera and the Prague Symphony Orchestra. This year, they have sponsored the famed Swan Lake ballet from Russia, as well as the grand Presidential Symphony Orchestra from Turkey.
The Prague and Turkish orchestras were first-timers to Bangkok, which was why Vichien ‘connected’ with them.

After all, he had been a first-timer to classical music for a long time, having always been a rock and metal music fan, until a chance visit to one of the concerts at this Festival, changed him. After that, he was determined to learn, know, understand more about classical Western music. In time, he made this a part of his company’s work-culture too.
“This happened, when my company did a research project for Mahidol Varsity, on ‘The use of ‘Hobbies’ for job competency’, and found out that those who played a musical instrument were more disciplined, imaginative, and also better listeners ” he informed.
That led to the Nevada-educated Marketing CEO to introduce music-appreciation classes in his company of 100-strong staff. The classes were twelve sessions of two hours each.

“Many of my staff were first timers, but within a few classes, they reacted to the music directly, and could analyse and explain the musical phrases-it was like learning the ‘grammar’ of a new language!” exclaimed Vichien.
“Art does improve the quality of one’s life” he stated, and informed that he also started violin and cello classes at his office, after work-hours, for which at least 40 staff members had enrolled.
Last year, the CEO took his staff on a European trip to Barcelona and Paris, where they visited museums and also attended some outstanding orchestra concerts, which they had booked six months in advance.
Before the trip, he arranged a series of art appreciation courses for his staff, so that they could enjoy the Europe museums much better, as also the rich history and architecture of the two cities they visited.
In Bangkok, his staff attended concerts of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra regularly, and were now looking forward to the International Festival of Music and Dance.
As with the music/art appreciation classes and the European trip, Vichien ensured that his staff paid subsidized rates for everything.
“The staff who worked longer, paid lesser” he quipped, about his unique recipe for art-education and job-incentive.
The company is the top in its field in Thailand, and presently has more than 4000 clients. It now plans to expand, internally, into the rural parts of the country, and externally, into the Asean countries.
“As an Asean family, we have many cultural connections” stated Vichien “ it would be great to expand this into business links too.”
As far as this businessman-aesthete was concerned, his company’s philosophy of
‘Good Heart, Work Hard, Enjoy Life’, was a perfect amalgam of personal and professional growth.



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