PM highlights “Thailand 4.0” policy

The prime minister is determined to push for the implementation of “Thailand 4.0” policy, hoping to bring stability, prosperity, and sustainability to the nation.

In his national speech on “Returning Happiness to the People” program, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy is different from populist policies initiated by previous administrations. Not only did those populist policies fail to address the problems of the country, they were never meant to create stability or sustainability, he added.

According to him, Thailand 4.0 policy will lead to national development in terms of economic reform in conjunction with the 20-year strategic plan which requires participation from all sides. It is to mobilize Thailand under three key approaches comprising creativity, innovation, and technology.

He said the government is launching the “Food Innopolis” project with a hope to create food security as well as make Thailand kitchen of the world.

Food Innopolis is considered an innovation and development center aimed at increasing the value of the country’s abundant crops. Its main purpose is to develop foods of the future and bio–based industries to keep competitiveness and enhance the entire value chain from soil to waste.


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