Thailand gears up for BIKE FOR DAD

Thailand is gearing up for the BIKE FOR DAD event, inviting government officials and the general public to participate in the national cycling campaign set to take place on December 11.


Pattani province will hold its BIKE FOR DAD event in Mayo district, with over 500 registered participants taking part in the rehearsal along the 30-kilometer route.

Phichit province recently held its cycling rehearsal at its 29-kilometer route in Wang Sai Phun district. Over 300 cyclists from bicycle clubs in the province took part in the drill, while wearing yellow to mark the auspicious occasion.

Yala province debuted a sign reading “YALA LOVE THE KING” at the Sanam Chang Phueak Park, while holding its own major rehearsal before the event.

Water trucks from the Ang Thong provincial administrative organization are preparing to hand out 20,000 water bottles to cyclists during the province’s BIKE FOR DAD event, with more than 4,200 people registered for the cycling campaign.


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