Thai Premier pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha made his vow to implement various policies in an attempt to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas.

During this weekly televised address, Gen Prayut highlighted his visit to France to attend the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference where he delivered a speech before world leaders, pledging his support for enhanced cooperation in achieving a new climate change resolution.


At the conference, the prime minister said he asked all countries to work towards a comprehensive and practical framework that takes into consideration different economic and development conditions.

Due to the fact that the world’s natural resources belong to everyone, and not just to one particular country, Gen Prayut said citizens of the world bear a collective responsibility for environmental preservation.

On behalf of Thailand, Gen Prayut said he promised other leaders that Thailand would make the best effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through various policies, such as waste-to-energy initiatives, converting the mass transit system from motor vehicles to rail, and supporting fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrid cars and electric trains.


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