Commerce Minister launches border trade fair in Mukdahan

The Minister of Commerce today visited the special economic development zone in Mukdahan province and launched the border trade fair event.

The Minister of Commerce, Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, said that the ministry has arranged a field observation by delegates from the government and private sectors at the special economic development zone in Mukdahan province. The visit also included a meeting with Lao PDR officials for discussions on border trade expansions.

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According the Commerce Minister, in the discussion with the Laos Minister to the Government’s Office, Bounpheng Mounphoxay, both sides have agreed to increase economic cooperation to stimulate trade, investments, logistics, and service businesses. Officials from both countries have also been witness to the signing of an agreement between Thailand and Laos private sectors for trade and investment expansions.

Thailand and Laos have signed an agreement to construct a Thai hospital in Laos’s Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone, while both countries also followed up on the progress of the Mukdahan – Savannakhet twin cities agreement that was initiated 11 years ago.

The meeting with Laos officials has also yielded results in the business networking of 44 pairs, mostly in consumer products, with a value of 185 million baht.

The Minister of Commerce then said that the ministry is holding the border trade fair at the Mukdahan City Hall, where low-priced good quality products from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam would be sold in order to boost the economic circulation and help with the public’s costs of living.

It is expected that the border trade fair will generate more than 100 million baht revenue for entrepreneurs as the event has received much attention from the public of Thailand and Laos. The Ministry of Commerce has planned to host this kind of event at other border areas to further stimulate the economy and the border trades. – See more at:

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