All pre-paid numbers must be registered by 31st July

PNSOC580218001014601_19022015_013232All pre-paid mobile phone numbers are now officially required to be registered for user identification by 31st July 2015, in compliance with the cabinet’s decision, says the NBTC Secretary-General.

The Secretary-General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Takorn Tantasith has disclosed that the NBTC’s registration regulations for pre-paid mobile phone numbers and free Wifi users, have been approved by the cabinet.

From now on, all pre-paid mobile phone numbers must be registered for user identification. The registration period will expire on 31st July 2015. After the deadline, all unregistered services will be terminated, warned the NBTC Secretary-General.

To facilitate the registrations, the NBTC and related agencies will cooperate to help promote the new regulations and to encourage all users to register their numbers.

The NBTC Secretary General also disclosed that at present in Thailand, there are approximately 4 million pre-paid numbers in use, with an average registration rate of 100,000 numbers per day.

The registration, which is free of charge, can be done at mobile network operators’ service centers, or by filing an NBTC registration application. An official identification card or an official document is required for the registration. Users can check their registration status by dialing *151# on their mobile phone. – See more at:

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