BMA pushes ahead with landscape revamp

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is proceeding with its plan to clear Bangkok’s foot paths of peddlers and stalls as part of its landscape improvement campaign. This time, the cleanup is being carried out in Dusit District, from Baan Manangkalisa House to the Paris Theater.

A team of BMA officials and security authorities led by Advisor to Bangkok Governor Pol Maj-Gen Wichai Sangprapai, has observed the removal of stalls and the foot path cleanup.

The operation has sparked objection from some peddlers and stall owners who called on the BMA to extend its roadside facelift plan until they have found a new location. Citing the court’s ruling, Pol Maj-Gen Wichai ruled out their request, saying that the BMA had issued a letter asking them to look for a new place since 2005.

Pol Maj-Gen Wichai added that the BMA earlier this month held a meeting with stall operators to inform them of the BMA’s landscape improvement plan and the date they were required to terminate their roadside business.

To help solve their problems, the advisor to the BMA Governor said the BMA had approached the market on the opposite side for arrangement of stalls which could accommodate all affected operators. The rents, he added, were also affordable.

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