DLT speeds up inspection of taxi service before 1st phase of fare adjustment

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) is monitoring the quality of taxi service both on the standard of vehicles and the quality of drivers, before the first phase of fare adjustment is allowed.

DLT Director-General Theerapong Rodprasert revealed that during 3-18 November 2014, his office had inspected 12,564 taxis. 80.7% of them, or 10,139 taxis, passed the test. The rest of 2,425 taxis have been instructed to improve their cars within fifteen days before coming back for another standard inspection.

Taxis passing the car inspection will be issued with a certificate of standard approval required in the fare adjustment process. Taxi owners are then required to take their cars to the DLT Office where officials will apply lead seals on their fare meters. When the process is over, taxi will receive a sticker label to show that their car have been approved for higher fare in the first phase, Theerapong explained. – See more at: http://thainews.prd.go.th/CenterWeb/NewsEN/NewsDetail?NT01_NewsID=WNECO5711240010005#sthash.ONkpwekY.dpuf

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