‘Paradon’ more arrest warrants issued for PDRC leaders

The ongoing political situation would soon ease if the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) core leaders were apprehended, said National Security Council (NSC) Secretary Lieutenant General Paradon Patanatabutr, disclosing that more arrest warrants have been issued.

According to the NSC and Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) Secretary, Lt. Gen. Paradon Patanatabutr, he is confident the political tumult in the capital would soon fade when all 19 PDRC core leaders have been arrested.

He will expedite the arrests of the leaders and also disclosed that more arrest warrants have been issued for other PDRC members.

The CMPO also plans to take back areas occupied by the PDRC very soon. Although ysterday’s negotiations between the Interior Ministry and the PDRC core leaders produced no positive result, Lt. Gen. Paradon insisted that the reopening of the areas should not be a problem, as buildings have mainly been chained up at the entrances, but no protesters have been seen lurking around inside.

In regard to the PDRC’s planned besiegement of the Prime Minister’s and other cabinet members’ residences, Paradon warned the PDRC leaders to give up the idea — adding that officials now have the rights to arrest them on sight, and might do so during their demonstrations.

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