Tom Yum Soup – Not only delightfully tangy but with medicinal properties!


If you ask any foreigners who have ever visited Thailand about their favorite Thai food, their answers, almost without exception, will be “Tom Yum Kung”.
Tom yum kung, or spicy shrimp soup, is the number one of the top ten Thai dishes loved by foreigners, according to a recent investigation. And in fact, it is one of the most favorite dishes for Thai people as well. It is simply because it is so delicious for its unique sour and spicy taste that you will certainly need it more and more if you try it just once.

Featuring all four of the famous Thai spices – salty, sour, sweet and spicy – this Tom Yum Kung recipe provides a pungent and zesty feast of flavors with every slurp. An excellent remedy for a cold or flu bug, this spicy Thai soup will instantly clear your sinuses and warm you up. It’s also highly nutritious and is sure to impress at any dinner party. Note: this recipe allows you the choice of adding evaporated milk (locally called: tom yum kung naam khon) or leaving it out. If you prefer a richer-tasting soup, adding it is recommended; whereas if you prefer a clearer soup, try it without adding the milk(locally called: tom yum kung naam sai). It can also be prepared with chicken(called Tom Yum Kai), or with other sea food(Tom Yum Thulle).
Tips: Best served steaming hot in a fire hot pot with a plate of steamed rice and a dish of omelette.

Thai food generally not only provides a wonderful taste but also includes medicinal properties in its herbal ingredients as well. Tom yum kung is one of the best examples. For the medicinal properties of tom yum kung, different herbs offer different functions. Their properties are described below:

Lemon grass can help relieve excessive gas in the stomach or intestine, increase the secretion of urine, reduce heat in the body and prevent the spread of some kinds of bacteria.

Chilli is used as cough medicine. It is useful for the respiratory system, blood circulation and heart as well.

Lime helps to prevent cough, flu and scurvy.

Kaffir-lime is used to deodorize the strong smell of some food. Its juice can cure cough, dandruff and some types of stomach ache.

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