Thailand Rated No.1 ASEAN Destination in the Eyes of Foreign Tourists

Thailand Rated Number One ASEAN Destination in the Eyes of Foreign Tourists

A survey shows that Thailand has been rated the most attractive tourism destination in the ASEAN region, according to the eyes of international tourists.

The survey was conducted by Bangkok Poll of Bangkok University on 11-13 January 2013 to gather information for the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Vientiane, Laos, scheduled for 17-24 January 2013.

It was carried out among 686 foreigners traveling in Bangkok. They came from Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. A total of 58 percent of the respondents to the survey voted Thailand as the number one ASEAN tourism destination, followed by Vietnam, at 34.1 percent; Cambodia, 30.6 percent; Laos, 30.3 percent; Singapore, 26.1 percent; Malaysia, 25.8 percent; Indonesia, 24.3 percent; Myanmar, 20.6 percent; Philippines, 19.5 percent; and Brunei Darussalam, 3.9 percent.

Regarding the most interesting attractions in Thailand, the respondents indicated historical sites and ancient objects (28.1 percent), culture, traditions, and folk art (20.4 percent), beaches (14.3 percent), Thai food (10.6 percent), and shopping centers (7.4 percent).

Concerning their confidence in the safety of tourists in Thailand, 97.6 percent said that they had much confidence, and only 2.4 percent responded negatively. About 85 percent said that they would like to visit Thailand again, while 96.3 percent would recommend Thailand to their friends to visit.

Asked about the factors that damage the tourism atmosphere in Thailand, 37.2 of the respondents cited traffic congestion, 23.2 percent cited unfair fares charged by tuk tuk taxi drivers, and 20.7 percent cited overpriced products. However, 60.5 percent said that they found Thailand better than they had expected before coming, and 37.6 found the country the same as they had expected.

Concerning the question about Thailand’s readiness for the ASEAN Economic Community, 83.9 percent believed that Thailand’s readiness is high to highest. Only 16.1 percent gave the country’s readiness a low level.

Thailand has been ranked the fourth best world destination in a survey conducted by the renowned Conde Nast Traveler magazine. It was also named the “Most Popular Destination” by Go Asia, at the International Tourism Exchange Berlin 2012.

Latest statistics show that international tourist arrivals in Thailand in 2012 reached 22 million, surpassing the set target of 19.5 percent, an increase of 15 percent over the previous year. In recent years, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has actively promoted Thailand as a high-quality destination, targeting new markets and offering new niche products, such as health and medical tourism, agro-tourism, Thai cookery courses, and international conventions and exhibitions.

Based on the latest statistics, TAT is planning to adjust its tourism target, in line with the changing situation.


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