More Chinese tourists expected following film craze

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More Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Thailand after a Chinese comedy-adventure film shot in Thailand has become an instant hit among audience in mainland China.

“Lost in Thailand” is directed by Xu Zheng and narrates a story about two Chinese people travelling in the northern province of Chiang Mai.

Words about beautiful sceneries in Chiang Mai and Thailand have been spreading in Chinese social networks where many Chinese people are talking about “Lost in Thailand” and say they want to come to Thailand to follow the travelling route of the film.

Meanwhile, a number of people who have been to Thailand before are sharing their holiday photos in their profile pages. According to Film Business Asia, the film has been at the top of the Chinese box office for three consecutive weeks since its premiere on 12 December.

For the first eight days, it earned about 450 million yuan or 2.166 billion baht. On the 15 December alone, the film made 100 million yuan or about 500 million baht.



Cheap Flights, Hotels Travel Vacations, Airline Tickets & Airfares

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