The divorce rate in Thailand over the past 3 years has increased to 30%

Survey: 1 in 2.8 Thai married couples ended up with divorce in recent years

The latest survey has shown that around 1 one every 3 married couples in Thailand ended their marriage with divorce in recent years.

The Office of Women’s Affairs and Family Development Director Chansiri Sukhonthachaya said that the latest study shows that more than 285,000 couples got married in 2010, 30% of which, or about 108,000, divorced in the same year.

The report stated that the divorce among Thai couples was caused by current economic and social factors.

Mrs. Chansiri said that the couples with rocky marriages should try to work things out and understand each other more, while avoiding getting involved in such home-wrecking factors as narcotics and gambling, as well as polygamy.

Meanwhile, the report has shown that more Thai women have opted to stay single as they believe that they can be financially independent, while more Thai men have enjoyed the single life or chosen to marry when they were older.


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