Seminar on Thailand’s preparation for AEC held to commemorate Women’s Day

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Thai Women’s Day, the National Council of Women of Thailand (NCWT), in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), hosts a seminar on the country’s preparation for its inclusion in the ASEAN Economic Community.

The event has been held to recognize the role of Thai women in the world of business , given several international surveys have suggested that Thailand ranks first in providing opportunities for women to climb the corporate ladder. The seminar is aimed at informing business leaders of coming changes.

This year’s seminar comprises representatives from the private, public, education, and retail sectors who exchange views on the upcoming formation of the AEC and its impact on Thailand. High on the agendas at the seminar are the expected free flow of goods, services, investment, capital, and labour among ASEAN members as well as challenges small businesses will likely face given a more competitive climate.

Presiding over the opening ceremony was Industry Minister MR Pongsawat Svastivas who delivered a keynote speech on the government’s policy initiatives and goals in anticipation of the AEC in 2015. The main goals, he said, were to build up competitiveness, promote connectivity and support the establishment of the region-wide community.

SET President Charumporn Chotikasathien also disclosed that the Thai bourse is joining hands with Malaysia and Singapore’s stock exchanges in October as part of a collaborative framework known as ASEAN Exchanges. Guided by the AEC blueprint, ASEAN Exchanges is a collaboration of seven stock exchanges from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam which aims to jointly promote the development of ASEAN as an asset class.

He added that the ASEAN Exchanges would provide an easily identifiable reference for investors in the form of the ASEAN Stars which represent 180 top ASEAN blue-chip stocks.

To facilitate the expansion of regional markets and to better compete in the global economy, the Stock Exchange of Thailand(SET) has also recently amended its listing rules to enable holding companies whose main business are abroad to list on the SET, which highlights the SET’s commitment to matching right financial opportunities for Thais’ overseas business.


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