Sirikit Dam to lower amount of water discharged per day

One of the country’s major dams has decided to lower the amount of water to be discharged daily, as suggested by the state-appointed committee in charge of water management.

Sirikit Dam director Thanarat Pumimakasikorn said that there are currently 4.53 billion cubic meters of water behind Sirikit Dam in Uttaradit Province, with 1.68 billion cubic meters or 25.28 percent of the stored volume ready for use. He added that the dam can take in around 4.97 billion cubic meters of water.

Mr. Thanarat stated that, originally, during June 11th and 17th, Sirikit Dam should be releasing 32 million cubic meters of water each day, due to heavy rain above the dam and in the Yom River.

However, the government-appointed subcommittee in charge of the follow-up and analysis of water has suggested that the amount of water discharged be lowered to 17 million cubic meters until June 18th, while the issue will be reviewed again for the following week.

The Sirikit Dam director asserted that the structure of the dam remains strong and highly safe, with a team of experts on duty to check on all details around the clock.

He said that public queries on all facts, in case of rumors, can be made to Sirikit Dam at 055-441840 to clarify any doubts.


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