Industry Ministry eyeing to make Thailand a regional eco car/pick-up truck production hub

The Industry Ministry is eyeing to turn Thailand into a regional hub of eco car production.

M.R. Pongsvas Svasti, Minister of Industry, said, on Wednesday, he was informed by the Automotive Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) that business operators have set the 2012 auto production target at 2,000,000 units.

The Industry Minister added that his meeting with the FTI also shed light on the future of automobile industry. It has also been agreed that there would be more demand of vehicles which drive on ethanol fuel.

Accordingly, the Industry Ministry is aiming to promote Thailand as a production hub of eco cars and pick-up trucks in ASEAN.

He went on to say that the ministry is now working with related offices on the restructuring of automobile taxes, which will take into consideration CO2 emission.

M.R. Pongsvas said that before the new tax structure is put into effect, the government needs to make sure that the auto industry is able to adjust to the change.

The Industry Ministry expects the conclusion on the revised auto taxation will be reached before the end of this year.


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