Egg prices at farm controlled at 3 baht and below

The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has announced that from today onwards, prices of eggs sold at farms cannot go above 3 baht per egg.

After a meeting with chicken farmers to tackle the oversupply problem, DIT Director-General Vachari Vimooktayon says that the meeting agreed to put control on prices of eggs to be effective today.

According to the DIT, egg prices at farms will be as follows

Number 0 egg, or the large-size egg, is sold at 3 baht each.

Number 1 egg is sold at 2.80 baht each.

Number 2 egg is sold at 2.70 baht each.

Number 3 egg is sold at 2.60 baht each.

Number 4 egg is sold at 2.50 baht each.

Number 5 egg is sold at 2.40 baht each.

The DIT Director-General says the measure will be revised every 7-15 days so that it can be adjusted to suit the market situation.

With the oversupply problem, farm prices of eggs continued to drop to as low as 2 baht each; however once the eggs reach the market, prices remain high, prompting the DIT to intervene with the prices to protect chicken farmers.

Egg prices at farm controlled at 3 baht and below


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