All sides must work together to help people who have been affected by the flooding

All sides must work together to help people who have been affected by the flooding and to develop a sustainable water management system, His Majesty the King said from the balcony of Chakri Throne Hall, in the Grand Palace, on Monday morning.

The King together with members of the royal family granted a grand public audience about 11am on the occasion of His Majesty’s 84th birthday anniversary today. The event was shown live on national television.

The King thanked the people for their well wishes.

He said government and military officials should already be aware that there will be national stability when people in the country are living well and happily.

It is the duty of all sides to get together and work to their full potential to address factors that cause hardship to the people, His Majesty said.

At present, people are suffering from the flood and cooperation is needed to solve the problem quickly and set up a sustainable water management system.

“The [water] projects that I’ve had discussed are only suggestions, not orders. But if the projects are beneficial and cost-effective, then implement them if possible,” the King said.

It is important that there must not be conflict. Morale support should be given instead, so tasks can be achieved for the happiness of the people and the stability of the country, he said.

The King wished the people happiness and prosperity.

His Majesty observed the renewal of the oath of allegiance by members of the Royal Guard and heard addresses of felicitation and loyalty from the Crown Prince, the prime minister, the presidents of the parliament and supreme court, and the military.

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