FROC Press Conference on Nov 2, 9.10PM

The Flood Relief Operations Center (FROC) reported that northern flood runoff from Nakhon Sawan downwards has declined gradually for the 3rd day. If this continues, the water level will be below the water level on the other side of the Chulalongkorn floodgate, easing drainage. By November 12 water level could decline to just 60 million cubic meters.

The FROC said conflict at Sam Wa Canal has been addressed.
Flooding in northern part has submerged Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd and small cars cannot pass. In the West, water has risen in all flooded districts and it is the same situation in the East.
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced more areas for evacuation and monitoring this morning.

This afternoon the Office of Atoms Energy for Peace was invited to clarify the safety of a research nuclear reactor. The reactor is located at 8.7 meters above street level so the public can rest assure that the reactor won’t be submerged.
The FROC also thanked motorists for removing cars that were double parked on expressways and asks that motorists don’t double park or park in forbidden areas.

Traffic has now been closed on 30 roads because of inundation. For more information, call 1197 or log on to

The Donmuang Tollway is now only accessible until Ratchadapisek exit while the Kanchanapisek-Chimplee elevated road is also not passable.

The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority is fixing problems with tap water by adding oxygen and washing treatment plants more often. The chlorine smell in tap water could be more than usual but it is less than the accepted standard. To get rid of smell, you can set the water for 30 minuntes or boil it.
The Bangkhen water plant has reduced production by 200,000 cubic meters per day while normal capacity is at 3.1 million cubic meters. Normal tap water production should resume tomorrow.

The flood barriers in the northern part, or big bags, have been placed in 4 kilometers on the needed 6 kilometers. This will help slow flooding in northern Bangkok.

During the English press conference by the FROC, a special message was delivered clarifying that help is being given to foreign nationals affected by flooding, particularly to migrant workers.

Flooding has not affected tourist attractions or transportation in Bangkok while flood management is being handled as best as possible. Flooding has affected only a small area of the country while images of submerged planes are decommissioned planes at the flooded Donmuang Airport and not at the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Moreover, flood information has been distributed to embassies and in English via the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website.


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