Compensation to flood-affected farmers

Compensation to flood-affected farmers

The Ministry of Commerce has instructed related agencies to gear up for the compensation to flood-affected farmers, stressing the need for the process to be conducted in an urgent and transparent manner.

Speaking of the policy to provide financial aid for rice farmers suffering from flood damages, Permanent Secretary for Commerce Yanyong Phuangrach stated that the Commerce Ministry, which was in charge of the policy’s implementation, had already assigned relevant agencies to be prepared for the compensation process.

Mr Yanyong elaborated that the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives was responsible for mapping out the disbursement system in order to ensure its speed and transparency. At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will oversee the examination of the recipients’ eligibility for the money.

However, the Permanent Secretary voiced his concerns over possible identity frauds, which would deprive troubled farmers of the much-needed assistance. He thus urged responsible officials to be thorough while reviewing documents of recipients.


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