China the first foreign nation that offers aid to Thailand in this time of crisis

China has become the first foreign nation that offers help to flood victims in the country.

A China Southern Airline plane carrying 50-million THB donations from the Chinese government is expected to arrive at Don Muang Airport on Wednesday evening. China’s aid includes high-speed motorboats and rowing boats, water purification equipment and water tanks. Recently Chinese ambassador to Thailand Guan Mu has also presented a cash donation of one million USD, or about 30 million THB, from the Chinese government to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

China was the first nation to offer assistance to flood-torn victims by informing the Thai government of its wish at the end of August 2011. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has also sent a message of sympathy to the Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra over the devastating floods.

The People’s Republic of China has handed cash and necessities worth totally over 80 million THB to the flood relief operation center in order to be distributed to flood-affected people nationwide.

Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Guan Mu paid a visit to the flood relief operation center at Don Mueang Airport and presented necessary items with a combined value of 50 million THB in aid of flood victims, including high-speed and passenger boats as well as water tanks and filtering machines. Cash worth over 30 million THB was also offered.

On this occasion, Justice Minister Police General Pracha Promnog, in his capacity as the director of the flood relief operation center, received the donations from the ambassador and confirmed that they would be handed out to people in flood-hit areas immediately. Pheu Thai Party Chairman Sanoh Thienthong and a number of Pheu Thai MPs were also present.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand Bede Corry announced that the New Zealand government had already donated 100,000 NZD or about 2.35 million THB to the Thai Red Cross Society for use in the flood relief effort. He also conveyed the government’s sympathy for Thailand’s losses in this catastrophe.

china offers relief aid to food-struck thailand


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