Prasert retires as PTT CEO, President

Mr Prasert Bunsumpun has announced his retirement from the posts of CEO and President of PTT Plc while encouraging the Government to restructure energy prices to reflect the true production costs.

Upon the end of his term as PTT CEO and President, Mr Prasert has officially passed on the duty to Mr Pailin Chuchottaworn, who was appointed to the posts by the PTT Board of Directors in May. On this occasion, the outgoing PTT chief voiced his confidence that the Government was already aware of problems related to energy policies and would eventually adjust fuel prices to be in correlation with the actual operating costs.

Mr Prasert expressed hope that PTT would grow into a secure energy firm that could provide sufficient energy supplies for the nation. He also gave all executives a handbook called ‘PTT Way’, which was compiled based on his own experiences within the company and what he had learnt from a special executive workshop. The handbook is to be used as a guideline to propel the company forward with steady growth.

In regard to a request by the Minister of Energy for his assistance in energy affairs, Mr Prasert said no discussions had been held on what responsibility would be given to him. However, he expected the talks to be arranged soon after his exit from PTT.


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