NECTEC shows off its 2 outstanding innovations on Sep 22nd

NSTDA Investors’ Day 2011 fair on 22 September 2011

NSTDA Investors’ Day 2011 fair on 22 September 2011

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC) will display its two outstanding innovations in the NSTDA Investors’ Day 2011 fair in an effort to get attention from investors.

According to NECTEC Director Pansak Siriruchatapong, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) will arrange the NSTDA Investors’ Day 2011 fair on 22 September 2011, during which NECTEC will present the two outstanding innovations now ready for commercial use.

The first innovation is the environment patrol boat. It is a small patrol boat equipped with environmental condition inspecting machines which can test water quality, record the data and display the result via websites.

The second one is the prototype of a standby system, which requires no energy at all for electrical appliances such as television, stereo and air-conditioner. It can be on stand-by mode without use of any electricity and therefore can save a lot of energy and expenses.

The NECTEC director is confident that the two innovations will attract the attention of investors visiting the event and will receive warm response similar to last year when the technologies on display were brought to commercial use.


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