DIT to hold Blue Flag Fair during 14-18 Sep

The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) is scheduled to organize a Blue Flag Fair during 14-18 September in order to offer consumers discounted products amid the soaring living expenses.

DIT Director-General Vatchari Vimooktayon stated that the department would help push forward the Government’s urgent policy to regulate and prevent product prices from skyrocketing as a consequence of the higher production costs and impacts from natural disasters. As part of the effort, a Blue Flag Fair will be held from 14 to 18 September at IMPACT Exhibition Hall 5-6.

Within the event, there will be more than 500 booths offering a wide variety of merchandises, including consumer goods, agricultural products, instant foods and products from the OTOP program. Prices will be lower than in the market by 20-40 percent. For example, 5-kilogram bags of jasmine rice will be sold at 140-150 THB each. Pork will be priced at 60-90 THB per kilogram and chicken at 40-50 THB per kilogram.

The fair is expected to see up to 350,000 visitors and to help people save around 120-130 million THB in total.

Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255409100010

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