Phayao province prepares for earth quakes following yesterday’s tremor

Since the 3.7 magnitude earth quake hit Phayao province yesterday, the province claimed to have had the contingency plan for earth quakes in place.

The quake which took place on Saturday had the epicenter in Pong and Chiang Kham districts. Residents in the surrounding areas reported to have felt the tremor when it occurred.

Head of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Phayao Ms. Tawanrat Chai-inpan said evacuation drills had been carried out a few times in the past to prepare the residents for earth quakes.

However, no injuries or damages were reported this time whereas significant damages on several historical sites had been recorded when the last quake hit the province several months ago.

The Department of Mineral and Natural Resources revealed that Phayao was situated on the powerful fault line which could possibly prompt a large scale quake in the future.


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