Govt. policies criticised as useful only in short-term by CITS

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CITS: Govt policies useful in short-term

The Centre for International Trade Studies (CITS) of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce has criticised policies of the government as useful only in short term but failing to address the country’s competitiveness on a long-term basis.

CITS Director Aat Pisanwanich stated that the government policy guideline aims only to solve facing problems in politics and economy. He voiced his concerns over the budget needed for policy implementation because a large number of loans have already been raised by the previous government leaving limited room for more loans.

The director admitted that the government’s overall policy still leaves many problems unanswered such as problems of farmers although the government will revive the crop mortgaging scheme to boost income of farmers but production costs and production process development are not solved.

Mr Aat added that the policy to waive contributions to the fuel fund and to reduce oil excise tax can help reduce oil prices in the short-term, but in the long-term there might be problems on the budget needed for compensation.

The director also admitted that the new government’s policy cannot raise the country’s competitiveness because it still lacks a selling point or a clear direction on which way the country will move forward, tourism, agriculture or industry.


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