HM the King concerned over oral cancer increasing among senior citizens

HM the King concerned over increasing oral cancer in senior Thai citizens
His Majesty The King of Thailand

His Majesty the King this evening granted an audience to Professor Thanphuying Petchara Techakamput, Chairperson of the Dental Innovation Foundation and Director of the Royal Dental Unit under the royal patronage who reported on the work of the Foundation and presented him food products, to be distributed to oral cancer patients all over the country.

His Majesty expressed concerns over oral cancer, usually found among the elderly. He admired the works of the Dental Innovation Foundation and encouraged all involved to make further researches for the sake of patients which tend to increase every day.

Oral cancer can be found in the lips, tongue and gums, palate and cheeks bulge, caused by betel nut chewing, tobacco and alcohol, as well as dentures that do not fit. The sores in the mouth or lymph nodes in the neck are quite troubling for the elderly, and cause their loss of appetite.


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