Two bedroom condo for rent at 15,000 baht per month or for sale at 3 million Baht

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For Sale:

For Rent:

Selling price is 3 million and rental at 15,000 baht

Condo details:

This apartment is at the best in the building. It is on the top floor and overlooks the swimming pool. As the condo is located on the sun rising side of the complex, it is pleasant in the morning and cool in the evening.

In the master bedroom there are two windows, allowing for excellent ventilation and making the room breezy and pleasant.

The guest room also has a large window, which also overlooks the swimming pool.

Further advantages:

1. Plenty of storage space. Units are provided beneath the T.V, above the computer table and beneath the sofa.   There are many drawers and cabinets for storage, such as in the living room and master bedroom.

2. Excellent natural light. Being at the top of the building, this condo not only provides a bright environment, but the natural light also gives the impression of an even more spacious environment.

3. Being located at the swimming pool side of the complex, there is no possibility of further construction work, thus guaranteeing peace and tranquility to residents.

4.  The condo also boasts a large kitchen, again with extensive storage facilities in the form of cabinets, drawers, etc.

5.  Large balcony, excellent views overlooking the swimming pool.

6. Located in the first building, ensuring easy exit/entrance.

Electrical appliances:

Double door freeze, Flat Screen T.V., Microwave, Siemens front door washing machine and Water heater in toilet

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