Total lunar eclipse to take place on June 16 the first in four years

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology has invited all Thai people to view a total lunar eclipse on 16 June 2011, from 1.22 hrs to 4.03 hrs.

According to NARIT Deputy Director Dr Saran Poshyachinda, the upcoming total lunar eclipse will be the first in four years after the phenomenon was last seen on 3 March 2007. Moreover, the lunar eclipse will last for three hours and 39 minutes, which will be the longest ever.

The moon will start passing behind the earth at 1.22 hrs. The sun, the earth and the moon will be exactly aligned causing a total lunar eclipse from 2.22 hrs until 4.03 hrs.

The total lunar eclipse will clearly be visible in every region of the kingdom. The next lunar eclipse will occur on 10 December 2011, the Constitution Day of Thailand.

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  1. The total lunar eclipse begins at 11:53 pm (IST) on June 15, Wednesday. It reaches its maximum at 01:43 am (IST) on June 16 and ends at 03:33 am (IST) early morning on June 16, Thursday. The eclipse is visible throughout India as per the Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris 2011 edition.

    The Moon enters penumbra at 10: 53 pm (IST) on June 15 and leaves penumbra at 04:32 am (IST) on June 16. Total duration of the eclipse would be 03 hrs 40 minutes. Magnitude – 1.705. All of the above data are sourced from Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris 2011 edition.