Thai Airways ranks 5th as World’s Best Airline in 2011

Thai Airways ranks 5th as world's best airline 2011

Thai Airways International (THAI) has been ranked fifth as the World’s Best Airline of the Year and has received several other prizes at the 2011 World Airline Award arranged by Skytrax, the world’s largest airline rating service.

The awards were given in a ceremony held at the French Air and Space Museum during the 2011 Paris Air Show, following votes from over 18.8 million airline passengers from 100 different nationalities.

While THAI is ranked fifth as the World’s Best Airline, the champion is Qatar Airways from Qatar. The first, second and third runners-up are Singapore Airlines from Singapore, Asiana Airlines from South Korea and Cathay Pacific Airways from Hong Kong respectively.

THAI also wins other awards, including winner of the World’s Best Economy Class Airline Catering for Product Quality, winner of the World’s Best Economy Class Airline Seat award, second place for Best Airline Ground Services category and second place for First Class lounge at Bangkok Airport.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Airways wins the third place as the Best Regional Airline Asia category.

Skytrax said in its website that the awards are the most prestigious and respected quality recognition of front-line product and service standards across the world airline industry. The awards reflect customer satisfaction levels across 38 different items of airline front-line product and service.



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