Samui Island revives its native coconut trees

Thailand’s popular tourist destination island, Koh Samui, is promoting growth of coconut trees on the island with an aim of boosting local tourism and making coconut trees one of the Thai economy drives.

Samui District Chief Mr. Prasert Jitmoong said the famous island was once renowned for its coconuts, but it had become more popular as a resort and entertainment island in the eyes of the visitors. Locusts have also threatened the trees. The island has reportedly seen the decline of coconut trees by 50%.

Mr. Prasert has a policy to increase the coconut trees particularly the species that are suitable to the island’s climate. Coconut farmers will be educated on how to prevent pests and successfully grow coconut trees.

The District Chief added that one local community on the island would be selected to become a model community to practice the Sufficiency Economy philosophy for other communities to fiollow.



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