Ex Foreign Minister says Thailand should remain part of WHC

Thailand should stay part of WHC

Former Foreign Minister Mr. Surakiat Sathienthai expressed his disagreement over the withdrawal from the World Heritage Committee (WHC), citing that it would do no good for Thailand.

Mr. Surakiat has suggested that the new government should reenter Thailand as a member to the WHC. He further explained that Thailand could have taken advantage of its membership with the Committee even though the WHC had no power to determine demarcation lines but Thailand could make references to the WHC in other global talks.

He hoped that the membership would be re instated in the next government, given that the termination of membership was a long process and would need a parliamentary approval first; Thailand would still be able to be part of WHC without any hassles. The former Foreign Minister said he did not see any good coming out of not being part of the WHC.

He further stated that Thailand should look for ways to rekindle its relationship with Cambodia as it will make the solving of border issues easier. However, he said it also depended on the policy of the next government in addressing this problem otherwise without good relations the issue would be more complicated.


source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255406270011

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