A Pakistani national arrested in Thailand

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Deputy Commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau, Police Major General Panya Mamen has said the arrest of Mr. Muhammad Zafik, a 44 years old Pakistani, has confirmed to the police that he is among the criminals who produce fake US and European passports and that of many other countries.

During the police raid, fake stamps, cell phones, bank books, photos and other documents were found. The police suspected that criminals were using these passports to enter another country. These passports had reportedly been stolen from tourists. The photo on the passport would then be replaced with a new one to match the identity of the new holder.

The fake stamp would later be placed on the passport. Police Major General Panya said the prices for making fake passports depended on the level of difficulty. He believed there were more suspects in this operation and further investigation would be needed.


source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255406160015

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