Newin: Thaksin unlikely to give PM seat to Yingluck

Thaksin unlikely to give PM seat to YingluckSource: NNT PRD (25/05/2011)

Bhumjaithai Party de facto leader Newin Chidchob has forecast that the Pheu Thai Party will win the election; however, its top party-list candidate Yingluck Shinawatra will not be named the next premier.

In his analysis of the upcoming general election, Mr Newin voiced belief that neither Ms Yingluck, Pheu Thai candidate and sister of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, nor Mr Abhisit Vejjajiva, Democrat candidate and incumbent Prime Minister, would take the helm of the next government. He projected that the Pheu Thai Party would emerge victorious, winning no more than 250 seats or less than half a quorum. Nonetheless, he noted that Mr Thaksin might not allow his sister to assume the prime minister post.

Mr Newin explained that the ex-premier would possibly opt to give the prime minister seat to someone else on fears that Ms Yingluck would be faced with social opposition and conflicts, similar to what happened during the administration of Mr Somchai Wongsawat, his brother-in-law, in 2008.

In addition, Mr Newin estimated that the Democrat Party would come in second with no more than 160 seats while his Bhumjaithai Party would rank third with about 111 seats. Upon the Democrat’s defeat, he believed that Mr Abhisit would decide to step down as the party leader, citing that he is a man of spirit and integrity.


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