Army: No problem if Yingluck elected next PM

The Thai army has no problem working under the Pheu Thai Party and its prime minister candidate Yingluck Shinawatra if the latter wins in the upcoming election and gets to form a new government.

Army Spokesperson Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd stated that military officers are government officials and are, therefore, ready to work under anyone elected by the majority of eligible voters. He said the military has never made any preference whom it will work for.

Colonel Sansern confirmed that the military operation will not be affected no matter who will be the next government, reasoning that the military is just one of the state mechanisms.

The spokesperson continued to say that the military just wants to see the nation move forward in accordance with the democratic system, which allows people to vote for anyone with potential to develop the country, enhance economic growth, and ensure peace in the society.

Asked if there will be any problem if Ms Yingluck is elected to be the next prime minister since she is the youngest sister of ex-Prime Minister Dr Thaksin Shinawatra, Colonel Sansern responded that the Thai society must respect the result of the election if it is arranged in a free and fair manner.

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