Apirak believes social media have impact on politics

The Director of the Bangkok election committee of the Democrat party, Apirak Kosayodhin talks about the role of social media in politics that nowadays there are approximately 9 million people using social media network in Thailand, therefore the party has taken this opportunity for public relations in introducing its campaigns.

The social media will also allow the people to express their opinions about the difficulties encountered on day to day basis, narcotics issues, and social affairs, and the party would consider the comments and take them into formulating the policies for resolution. Moreover, Mr. Abhisit Vejajiva, the Democrat Party Leader will communicate with people by livestream system at “Abhisit channel 10”

As for the concern over the legal issue in using social media in gaining electoral votes, Mr Apirak Kosayodhin said, the party has sent the representatives lawyer with authorities to attend the meeting collaborated with Election Commission, adding that the social network’s method required a very low budget and the party leader as well as the candidates are able to use the media to convey the messages to the media followers like Facebook and Twitter.

However, when asked whether the party thinks it would affect the results of the number of votes like in Singapore, Mr Apirak reiterated that he believed the online network users played an important role in causing an impact to politics. Moreover, there had been many online network users in the past, which could be seen from the disastrous incidents that people used social networks to help the victims.

Apirak believes social media have impact on politics

Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255405290018

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