Mo Chit crowded with returning vacationers

Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal has started welcoming a flow of people who return from their Songkran celebration outside Bangkok while more of them are expected to arrive this evening.

As the Thai New Year of Songkran has come to an end, holidaymakers have begun their travel back to the city after celebrating the occasion with families in their hometowns. Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal has been swarmed with arriving passengers, most of whom coming from nearby provinces. A larger crowd is to be seen later today as people are trying to avoid heavy traffic tomorrow and to come back early to spend the remaining time resting before resuming work on Monday.

Authorities at the bus terminal have warned passengers to keep their eyes on their valuable belongings as the bustling scene is conducive to theft. As for traffic around the terminal, congestion is reportedly building up, especially on Kamphaengphet Road.


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