Blue Flag pork policy proved ineffective

Presudent of Swine Raisers Association of Thailand in Phattalung, Vichai Mongkol disclosed that he had been invited by authorities to join the project of Blue fFag pork policy in April. The Blue Flag policy has been claimed to be an effective and accurate solution to resolve the surging of pork price but as it turns out the chosen alternatives had given the opposite results, hugely affecting swine raisers.

He cited that the correct solutions should be in accordance with market forces, since when the pork price increased, consumers would consume chicken, fish and beef instead which would decrease the number of pigs sold from 100 to 10 pigs a day. This would lead to the release of the leftover numbers of pig, and the price would be reduced under the same condition.

Moreoever Mr.Vichai added, the Blue Flag policy is unsuitable for the small scale raisers since it would results in profit loss. Meanwhile, the price of pork-based food has increased to over 30 percent when the price of pork increased by only 20 percent. As for the butcher, the profits gained are 30 percent. Blue Flag pork policy is more likely to be useful to major companies like Betagro or CP considering the numbers of pig they have. Furthermore, Mr. Vichai suggested the Government to also launch a Blue Flag policy for pig feed.

Livestock officer in Phattalung said, presently there had been a major pork shortage issue. One factor to be considered is that swine raisers have dropped out from the business because of the reduction of prices resulting in profit losses and most importantly due to the innundations, pigs are hugely affected.


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