Thai Airways supports renewable energy instead of diesel

President of Thai Airways International PCL Dr. Piyasawat Amaranand said the government should let the market mechanism determine the fuel prices while encouraging the use of renewable energy in the country by advising related agencies to cancel the sales of benzene 91 across Thailand.

Dr. Piyasawat said the government’s efforts in maintaining diesel prices not over 30 baht per liter is laudable, but it should also consider other approaches to prevent future risks. He suggested spending the money from the Oil Fund to buy fuel in advance of a price hike, adding that Thai Airways has done so in the past and does not suffer profit loss due to rising global oil prices.

He further added that in order to encourage Thai people to adapt to using renewable energy in the long run, the government should float the fuel prices according to the global trend. He also said the popularity of gasohol 85 among commuters remain unchanged in the past two years, adding that Thai people should be encouraged to fade out vehicles relying on benzene 91 and turn to the ones that run on gasohol instead.


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