Pheu Thai Spokesperson says PM is not doing his job effectively

Pheu Thai Party Spokesperson, Promphong Nopparit complains that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is not doing his job effectively.

Mr. Promphong said Mr. Abhisit had disappointed the Opposition by not doing his job properly. He said Mr. Abhist did not visit the flooded provinces in the South but instead conducted a video conference which was not enough to help the people. The people are now left to solve the problems on their own which causes the issue to linger.

Pheu Thai Party Spokesperson added that the government should find ways to invest on ways to prevent natural disasters. The Government should clearly allot a budget for this matter and come up with measures to prevent the matter in the future; they should also give knowledge to the people on the matter so they can protect themselves in time of emergency as well.

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